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Bougainvillea Flowering Bonsai Tree L2
Bougainvillea Flowering Bonsai Tree L2
Price: $99.95
Now: $79.95
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Arboricola Banyan Style Banyan Style Bonsai Tree
Arboricola Banyan Style Banyan Style Bonsai Tree
Price: $59.95
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Juniper Bonsai Tree Large
Juniper Bonsai Tree Large
Price: $79.95
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Fukien Tea Bonsai Tree 12yrs Old
Fukien Tea Bonsai Tree 12yrs Old
Price: $99.95
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Home  |  Indoor bonsai trees  |  Mimosa Sensitive bonsai tree
Mimosa Sensitive bonsai tree [MS2]
Price: $49.95
* Humidity Tray
* Lou's Bonsai Fertilizer
* Bonsai Wire
* Pruning Sheers
* 101 Bonsai Book
* Quantity:  
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Tree: Mimosa Sensitive

Age: Approx 5yrs Old

Height: 8-10 inches if not taller

Location: Indoors needs a window.

Level: Beginner

This is amazing tree. When u touch the leaf or leaves they close up and reopen in a minute or so. They are sensitive to touch. I just love this tree.
Divi Divi Indoor Bonsai Tree Large 
Divi Divi Indoor Bonsai Tree Large
Tree: Divi divi Age: Approx 9yrs old Height: 12 inches if not more. Location: ... More Info
Price: $69.95
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