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Ficus Fig Medium bonsai tree
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Ponytail palm Medium bonsai tree
Ponytail palm Medium bonsai tree
Price: $74.95
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Ponytail palm Medium bonsai tree [Large]
Price: $74.95
* Handmade Wooden Stand
* Wire Cutter
* Humidity Tray
* Lou's Bonsai Fertilizer
* Bonsai Beginner Book
* Bonsai Wire
* Japanese Pruning Sheers
* Moisture Meter
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Tree: Medium Ponytail palm

Age: Approx 15 yrs old

Height. Approx 10-12 inches

Location: Anywhere indoors is fine

Level: Beginner

About this tree:
This is my favorite of tropical ponytails. Very easy to care for. Simply put near a window, water 1x a week and enjoy. Grab the humidity tray for it. I strongly recommend it. Approx 12-15 inches tall. Pefect for a desk or office. If you need a certain height just contact me at 917-418-3395. Lou

Grown in our nursery. Yes we grow them right here. Bring the tropics to your home or office.

The most striking feature of the Ponytail Palm is the swollen base of the trunk. The texture of the trunk looks and feels scaly like the foot of an elephant and is also known as Elephants Foot. The extraordinary thickening of the trunk serves as a water reservoir against dry spells, allowing the tree to go up to four (4) weeks without water and causing no ill effects. Excellent in low or higher lighting conditions. The Ponytail is an excellent choice for home, office or anywhere.
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